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Gather the troops and circle the wagons. Cowgirls and cowboys, the coronavirus has attacked!

I don't want to write this letter with any kind of negativity because that's not what we need right now. I just wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know where I think we are at and where we will be this summer. The biggest word we all have heard for two weeks is "the unknown" and that's where the KPRA is also at right now. My thoughts and my hope is that we will be back to normal by early June. I have had numerous calls from rodeo committees wanting answers about the summer. I have told them that when this is over and done and the dust has settled, our communities are going to need some uplifting events and excitement in their towns. I have told the committees to continue focusing on their rodeo. As all of you should know, our economy is going to be in turmoil for possibly a few months. That being said sponsorship and fundraising will be very tough for these committees, but hopefully they can gather up enough money to at least put their rodeo on and continue with some kind of added money. I am sending out a letter to all of the committees today and will try to lift up their hopes and keep some kind of excitement with their committee. 

So, in the meantime while we are all locked on our premises, I would suggest to all of you a couple ideas to keep you ready when rodeo season does hit. All rough stock riders, go out to the tree row and find your old bucking barrel and practice on it, get your riggings and saddles oiled up ready to go👍. All of our Ropers, if you do not have a cowboy toy in your living room, find one. I'm sure you can keep your roping skills up with some good jackpots😳. Steer wrestlers, my only suggestions would be to continue with your weight machines and exercise program. Keep your liquid intake very high because staying hydrated is very important. Barrel racers, keep them barrel horses exercised, and if any of you are spending some downtime, you might look at some 1980 vintage barrel racing outfits. You can start a new trend this summer with fringe and beads😬🐎🐎. All jokes aside, the situation we are in is very serious mainly to our economy in my opinion.

I know all of you have the same feeling about rodeos that I do. People outside of our sport think that we just do this for a hobby, but we all know that we put hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in what they call, a hobby. Keep a good attitude and I will keep you posted as information comes to us.

Leon Winfrey 

KPRA will keep you posted on KPRA sanctioned events that may be  affected by the COVID-19.  


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